Market Studies

Market Studies

Change Healthcare Market Pulse

We surveyed health system executives in the last 2 weeks about the Change Healthcare outage.

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HFMA Health System CFO Pain Points 2024: Margin Challenges & Opportunities for Vendors


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For vendors that sell to health systems this report provides enormous value with key insights for roadmap planning, marketing execution and sales strategies.

Based on feedback from 135 health system CFOs, this comprehensive study provides a holistic view of health system challenges driving margin pressure, as well as the initiatives underway to alleviate margin pressure. The report includes CFO predictions for departments with the most anticipated budget increases as well as identifies opportunities for vendors and investors. Finally, the report closes with a detailed CFO buyer persona.

Key benefits of the report include:

  • A CFO buyer persona that will help sales and marketing executives better understand and more effectively message to the financial buyer at health systems.
  • A holistic view of health system challenges around margin pressure, specifically: labor shortages, supply chain price increases and payer reimbursement.
  • Insight into how health system CFOs are managing margin pressure challenges such as delaying technology investments, increasing wages to reduce contract labor and investments in AI/ Automation.
  • Predictions of which departments CFOs anticipate will see the greatest increase in budget over the next two years.
  • An extensive list of opportunities for vendors and investors.

*Companies currently Peer Reviewed by HFMA will receive a copy of the study at no charge.

Health System Purchase Plans 2023


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Based on feedback from over 300 health system executives, this comprehensive study provides actionable insights into health system purchasing priorities that will give healthcare vendors and investors the key market data needed for M&A, strategic planning and sales execution.

Key benefits of the report include:

  • A deeper, more informed understanding of top purchasing priorities among healthcare organizations that will enable vendors to align their offerings to customer needs.
  • Insight into how senior hospital and health system leaders think about vendor selection, allowing vendors to better prioritize their product roadmap and establish themselves as trusted partners.
  • A more holistic view of emerging trends that will allow vendors to better adapt and innovate in response to evolving market dynamics.
  • A better understanding of how health system executives think about bolt-on versus EMR technology.

*Companies currently Peer Reviewed by HFMA will receive a copy of the study at no charge.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions include: AI-based coding, Analytics, Charge Capture, Charge Description Master, Claims Editor/Claims Submission, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Computer Assisted Coding, Contract Management Cost Reports, Denials/Appeals Management, Eligibility Verification, Encoder, Insurance Discovery, Patient Accounting/Business Office Management, Patient Estimation, Patient Self Service/Digital Front Door, Prior Authorization, Propensity to Pay, Remittance Management, Remittance Management, Revenue Integrity.

Finance Solutions include: AP Corporate Payment Card, Banking Services, Budgeting, Cost Accounting, Decision Support, ERP, Financial Planning and Analysis.

Outsourcing Solutions include:  Accounts Payable, Aged AR, Bad Debt, Coding, Credit Balances, Entire Revenue Cycle, Low Balance, Medicaid Enrollment/Eligibility, Patient Collections/Early Out, Patient Credit/Loans, Patient Scheduling/Loans, Prior Authorizations, Third Party Liability/Complex Claims, Underpayments.

The report provides analysis of Finance and RCM technologies and services, with data cuts by health system EMR, Bed Size, and Region of the country. Additional insights include the ROI needed for consideration and how health system mergers are impacting purchasing decisions.

Eliciting Insights Market Studies are based on our unique proprietary panel of hospital executive decision-makers and designed to bring you insights from the front lines like no one else can.

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Online Appointment Scheduling: A Missed Chance To Boost Patient Satisfaction

Why providers need to invest more in online scheduling and recommendations on where to start.

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2019 Market Study Cover

2019 U.S. Health System Patient Access Market Share Study



In August of 2019, Eliciting Insights conducted a survey of Revenue Cycle executives with deep knowledge of Patient Access at over 150 health systems across the country.  Health systems were questions on revenue cycle priorities, Patient Access pain points, technology buying trends, and then asked specifically if their health system performs key Patient Access functions, and if the functions were done manually or utilizing technology. If technology is used, they were then asked about the specific vendor.  This report details the findings of that study.

This report provides a detailed look at twenty six areas of the Patient Access workflow. For each function, we provide a description of the function, market share by vendor, percent of the market that does not utilize technology and the ability to view by specific Patient Accounting/Registration vendor.

The data in this report should be used to help those interested in investing in healthcare technology make more informed strategic decisions.

Patient Access Workflows covered by the report include:

Address & Identity Verification, Charity Screening & Presumptive Charity, Consent Forms, Coverage Discovery, Credit Card Payments: Pre/POS/Online, Insurance Eligibility, Patient Estimation, Patient Financial Engagement, Patient Self Service Solutions, Patient Wait Time Tracking,  Pre-Visit Prep: Materials and Reminders, Prior Authorization & Medical Necessity, Propensity to Pay, Registration, Registration Quality Checks,  Scheduling.

2018 US Hospital RCM Accounts Recievable Technology

2018 US Hospital RCM Accounts Recievable Technology: Market Share Insights


This report highlights the significant and unprecedented market opportunities that currently exist in hospital revenue cycle management, specifically technologies for managing accounts receivable.

The insights in this report should be used to help investors as well as healthcare and non-healthcare vendors make more informed strategic decisions as well as capitalize on the areas that are most ripe for business development and expansion while avoiding areas of inferior opportunity.


This report was designed specifically to help those investing in healthcare technology understand:

  • Which solutions have significant growth potential for portfolio expansion?
  • What is the landscape of revenue cycle solutions by vendor?
  • Which vendors have the most market share by product?
  • How satisfied are hospitals with their current vendor/solution?
  • What are hospitals’ major pain points?